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NoWorries Cycling Club

Rise. Ride. Inspire.

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Club Membership for beginners (lifestyle) Rs. 865/-

Club Membership fee for Century Cyclists (Medals) Rs. 2200/-

 Pay to 9890998644

First Century Medal!

Embrace the Challenge and conquer the Century! Are you ready to embark on a journey that will not only test your physical limits but also ignite your spirit? The century ride, that magical 100-Km mark, is not just a distance; it's a symbol of determination, growth, and the pursuit of your potential. As you venture into the realm of the century ride, you'll discover hidden reservoirs of strength and endurance within yourself. The road to your first century may have its hills and challenges, but with each climb, you become stronger. So, let the thrill of the challenge drive you, the camaraderie of fellow cyclists uplift you, and the beauty of the open road inspire you. Your first century is a milestone of both personal and physical growth. It's not just a ride; it's an adventure of a lifetime! 

Please share your ride details on a tracking app such as Strava/Komot etc. for verification to wa. me/919890998644 after the ride.

Many Century Medals To Win

For each Century a club member cyclist is awarded a medal. 

Cycling is a sport and activity that often inspires great confidence and passion in those who partake in it. The pursuit of completing long rides, such as centuries (100- Km rides), can be a powerful motivator. The sense of accomplishment and physical fitness achieved by riding such distances can be incredibly rewarding. The "Ride. Ride. Inspire!" mantra captures the essence of this passion, suggesting that by continuing to ride and pushing your limits, you can inspire not only yourself but also others to take up the sport and set new goals. The confidence gained from successfully completing centuries can spill over into other aspects of life, motivating individuals to set and achieve ambitious goals.

So, if you're a cyclist or considering taking up cycling, let the passion and confidence that comes from each ride drive you to make more centuries and inspire both yourself and those around you to embrace this wonderful activity.

Please share your ride details on a tracking app such as Strava/Komot etc. for verification to wa. me/919890998644 after the ride.

Note: Pay an additional charge of Rs.100 for handling and shipping of medals in India.  For Medals to be sent outside India postage and handling at actual. 

Bicycles on rent 

Basic 21-Speed Bicycle Rs. 1500/- per month

Advanced Bicycle (Premium brands) Rs. 2000/- per month

A deposit of Rs. 2000/- and a government ID are needed as the security deposit 

Pay to 9168264644