Cycling Tours

At Devgadh, Ratnagiri the land of Alphonso mangoes. We saw how the mangoes are cultivated and enjoyed the pulp. The Pune to Goa, 'Pedal The Caost' is a ride to remember, abundance of nature and happiness of cycling all along the way.

Cycling tourism is a new way of life

Our bike tours are an opportunity to refresh, connect with people from varied cultures, understand life from a different perspective, and truly find your inner peace. Get fascinated with local character and culture, bond with nature and solitude. Meditate on a bicycle for hours on a journey forever.

Our tours are meticulously perfected over time, designed by experts, and founded on extensive bike travel. We don't miss must-see sites and lesser-known roads, store in character-rich experiences with charming personalities. The departures are limited to 10 guests so you can experience everything intimately.

Cycling rides are adventure and surprises are the soul of adventure. There’s no detail too small, no surprise too extraordinary, and no nuance too subtle when we set the stage for your memories. We bypass main roads and highways in favor of going off the beaten path, open the doors to places you may never have found on your own, and pave the road to lasting memories with gorgeous places to stay they may not be luxurious but they have all the local flavor from the local culture the food and stay just like the locals live but comfortable enough to keep you riding for the next day, All through the ride enjoy enlightening activities, Cherish the sense of achievement, transcendent culinary experiences and passionate people. Enjoy cycling, enjoy life!