Anand Vanjape, Founder NoWorries Cycles

Anand Vanjape, born on 22 October 1975, is a multi-talented personality who has made significant contributions in the fields of advertising, cycling, and social activism. He completed his education at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, and went on to work as a senior executive in TATA Infomedia.

Anand Vanjape's career in advertising began after he quit his job as a senior executive in TATA Infomedia. He is known for his creative approach to advertising, and his work has earned him a reputation as a sought-after advertising professional with global clients.

Apart from his advertising career, Anand Vanjape is also a prominent social activist and cyclist. He founded the Pedal Mission movement, which aims to promote cycling as a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation and provides free bicycles to the needy.

Anand Vanjape's passion for cycling led him to develop Servlene, a highly effective and environmentally friendly formula for cleaning and de-greasing bicycles. The product has become popular among cyclists.

In addition to Servlene, Anand Vanjape has also developed Team Lube, an anti-static lubricant for bicycles that ensures a smooth and hassle-free cycling experience.

In conclusion, Anand Vanjape's multi-faceted career has led him to make significant contributions in several fields. His creativity and expertise in advertising have earned him a reputation as a successful advertising professional with global clients, while his work in social activism and cycling has transformed the lives of many. His contributions to society will continue to inspire future generations.