Eco friendly chain cleaner and de greaser

Bicycle Chain And Component Cleaner!

Riding a clean bicycle is a bliss. SERVLENE™ is a fast action formula that works as surface tension agent to remove most sticky dirt as well as any kind of contamination from unreachable surfaces. The micro explosion of hydrocarbon detaches stubborn dirt from the surfaces. Servlene is water soluble and does not leave any trace of oil behind. All the dirt is washed away by spraying water.

SERVLENE™ frees sticky mechanisms. Cleans oil, grease, dirt, loosens rusted parts. Cleanliness plays a pivotal role in performance of any equipment. Bicycle parts are exposed to dirt and get affected by all kinds of contamination quickly. Keeping any equipment in top performing condition requires frequent and thorough cleaning.


Let the washed surface dry and apply lubricant preferably Team Lube™ immediately after cleaning.