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NoWorries Bicycles is a store owned and managed by cycling enthusiasts. Choosing a right bicycle can be very confusing for many and for that reason we have a selected range of bicycles wisely chosen from the pool of bicycles to fit your needs as well as wallet.

We have experienced councillors who can help you with choosing a bicycle and we also introduce you to different stages of cycling. You may have goals such as loosing weigh, endurance, performance cycling, leisure cycling, cycle tourism, body toning or simply commuting to work to help environment reduce pollution and keep fit at the same time we have a solution for each of your need.From entry level MTBs, hybrids and road bikes to Hi end bicycles for athletes we have a wide range of bicycles to choose from, we have world's leading brands of bicycles waiting for you in our store.

It is very important to keep your bicycle in top condition all the time for an enjoyable ride for that we have Hi –Tech set up for servicing your bicycles. Servicing your bicycle improves life as well as it enhances performance of the bike. We service all the bicycles and use industry standard chemicals and state of the art equipment for keep your bicycle in its best shape and performance. We have different packages of servicing that are explained to customers upon inspection of the bicycle to be maintained.

Cycling comes with a lot of accessories and we keep most of the regular accessories for MTBs, Hybrid and Road Bike including tubes and tires of reputed makes. We have a range of quality Helmets, lights, grips, locks, mudguards, cycling jerseys and gel padded cycling shorts, seats, seat covers, pedals and numerous other accessories required by pro as well as day to day cyclists.All in all we are your friendly bicycle store where you get right advice about what to buy and how to maintain it. We encourage and motivate people to use bicycle for daily commute and highly recommend cycling as a fitness activity. We also have short distance and long distance rides you may want to participate in. Please follow us on our social media links to know more from people's experiences and our expertise.

Authorised dealers in Pune for international brands like:

Polygon, Orbea, Merida, Viva, Foxtor, Giant bicycles


Bicycle Chain And Component Cleaner!

Servelene is a fast action formula that works as surface tension agent to remove most sticky dirt as well as any kind of contamination from unreachable surfaces. The micro explosion of hydrocarbon detaches stubborn dirt from the surfaces. Servlene is water soluble and does not leave any trace of oil behind. All the dirt is washed away by spraying water.

Servlene frees sticky mechanisms. Cleans oil, grease, dirt, loosens rusted parts. Cleanliness plays a pivotal role in performance of any equipment. Bicycle parts are exposed to dirt and get affected by all kinds of contamination quickly. Keeping any equipment in top performing condition requires frequent and thorough cleaning.

Important! Let the wasted surface dry and apply lubricant immediately after cleaning.