100% Synthetic Lubricant

Bicycle chain lube

Experience the silky smooth ride!

TEAM LUBE® is a 100% synthetic polymer that forms a coating on the chain to provide consistent lubrication, anti-static TEAM LUBE® prevents attracting dirt and dust. Its a unique formulation that is unaffected by contamination. TEAM LUBE® does not evaporate, get washed out easily or emulsifies. TEAM LUBE® provides long-lasting lubrication.

The anti-rust properties of TEAM LUBE® protect the chain from rusting while it stays stored for a good period.


Average molecular wt. 500

pH of 3% aq sol. 9 to 10

The boiling point above 160°C

Flashpoint above 170° C

Relative density 1.02 to 1.12

Kinematic viscosity @ 40°C 109 to 120

Water content: Nil